10 Most Popular Part Time Jobs in Australia

Australia has ranked the third most popular destination among international students. The highest number of international students came from China, India, Malaysia, Nepal, and Vietnam. Australia offers 22,000 courses at 1,100 institutions with affordable fees and cheaper living costs compared to the UK and the USA.

As it’s quite easy to find jobs for students in Australia, you can study and work to pay for your stay. So, you can study your desired course and combine it with 20 hours a week of work during college hours and 40 hours during the holidays with a minimum wage between $19.40 AUD per hour.

We have listed some best jobs for students in Australia. You can access more qualified jobs depending on your level of English and experience.

1. Waiter or Barista

In this job, you have to continuously communicate with the clients so you require a good level of English. Most of the restaurants have different ranges of waiters like those who serve drink or meals and those who take note, but you should know at least medium level English. Working as Barista requires a certificate. So you can take the barista course and get your RSA certificate.

2. Cleaner

Working as a cleaner, you have to vacuum all carpeted areas, mop the floor and remove the waste. You can work in cleaning companies, private homes, hotels, restaurants, etc. This can be the best option for students as it has flexible time and is well paid. You also require a very little level of English. The salary for this job is usually between $20 and $25 AUD per hour.

3. Packer: Picker

You have to pack packages, ship packages and documents the shipped and up shipped packages in this job. It is more physical so you should have good physical strength. Having a driving license can be the plus for this job. The salaries are usually around $ 18 or $ 22 AUD per hour. Also, you might have to work on night shifts.

4. Delivery Man

If you have a driver’s license you can also work as a delivery driver. You might work for different retail stores or restaurants. It is a comparatively easy task than other physical part-time jobs in Australia. As you have to visit different locations, you should be well-known about the city and handle yourself well in English. Salaries usually range around $ 18 AUD or $ 25 AUD.

5. Gardener

If you are interested in garden care, you can also work as a gardener. Your task consist of operating mowers and trucks, maintain gardening equipment and tools, remove litters, trim grass, apply fertilizer and so on. You can earn up to $ 22.80 AUD per hour.

6. Sales Representative

To work as a sales representative, you should have great communication skills and convincing power. You should have a very fluent English speaking skill. Your task includes selling the product and services of the organization, maintain a relationship with customers and conduct market research and better sales. This job might be a little intensive but you can have decent pay around $ 23.76 AUD per hour.

7. Receptionist

If you have some experience in dealing with customers and have good interpersonal skills, you can work as a receptionist. Your daily task encounters greeting and answering calls, send and receive emails, operate the telephone and meet different peoples. Yes, you might feel monotonous and tiring sometimes but it teaches you with great skills.

8. Call Center Operators 

If you want to work as a telemarketer, you can join different organizations that have call-center for product promotion and customer support. You have to receive calls from customers, forward the calls to respective departments, help to solve the problem, document the outcome and update customer files. Dealing with the customers might be different sometime but it is a relatively easy job as a student where you can get decent pay.

9. Retail Sales Assistant

Many stores in Australia requires retail sales assistant to help them deal with the customers and make them purchase their product. As a retail sales assistant, you have to interact with customers, greet them, and help them with purchasing, sizing, and payments. You also have the clean the store as the sales assistant.

10. Baby Sitter

It is a fairly common job in Australia. You will have to take care of the children and clean the house. To work as a babysitter, you will need a good level of English, and work experience with children. It is most suitable for women as they can handle children nicely than men and handle with some household chores.

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