5 Tips for Landing a Christmas Casual Role

The time is here again! Christmas is just around the corner. Chrissy holidays has been one most of the busiest times of the year for retail industries. So it’s obvious you will see casual jobs popping up everywhere. If you are thinking of getting a casual job, this is the time you start looking for one.

To help you find out the best job, here are a few tips you will like to follow:

1. Update your Resume

Firstly, you should make sure that you have updated everything in your resume from your new skills, education qualifications to work experiences. If you have updated resume it will make you ease to apply for all the job vacancies instantly. To stand out, make sure your resume is no longer than two pages with your contact details on top. And if you have key skills that are relevant for the required position, highlight it.

2. Find the right job

Loads of retail stores will advertise the vacancy in their store windows, website or social media. But first, you should be sure about what kind of role you want. If you are extrovert with great interpersonal skills, you can choose casual retail and sales assistant roles or if you are the person who does not enjoy speaking to customers, you can apply for packaging, online fulfilment and other operation works.

3. Listing your availability

In Christmas time, employers will be looking for people who are flexible in their availability. They don’t want the employee who is only available for a few hours a week. International students are more likely to be able to work unlimited hours during university holidays. This can be your great opportunity to utilize your holidays. So, while applying for the position, remember to list your availability to work.

4. Be ready to learn quickly

Christmas casual jobs are for an only short period so whatever you will be doing will be given minimal training. You should be good enough to learn quickly and prove that you can work nicely with minimal assistance.

5. Apply for the position

Now that you are prepared to apply, you should also carefully read the application process in the job vacancy notice. If there is asked to submit a few documents like work experience, training certifications and Passport copies (in case of international student), you should submit all those to be eligible for the vacant position.

The holiday season is the perfect time for international students to make some extra money. This can be an opportunity to gain valuable work experience. Hopefully, now you are ready to ace your Christmas casual interviews. Good luck!

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