7 Ways to Make Isolation Productive as an International Student

eel a bit like you’re stuck a home?

As the world is changing rapidly due to the corona virus pandemic, a lot of us here in Australia are now self-isolating and practising social distancing. This global pandemic has become one of the biggest challenges in our lives. But seeing on another part, it could be one of the biggest opportunities to thrive.

There’s a world to explore from your armchair and many things are free. There’s really no best time like the present when it comes to learning new skills and bettering yourself. So, with this article, you can help to prevent cabin fever by keeping your mind active and your body moving.

Ready? Let’s do this!

1. Supercharge your CV

Is your CV updated? Do it contain all the things that a good CV should have?

If it’s updated, Congratulation! But if not, this time is the best time to supercharge your resume. Your resume is your advertisement to communicate your qualities and abilities that can lead to your dream job. To make it well written and organized you can read few tips on Australian Resume Style.


2. Learn Something New

Take an online course in a subject you are interested in or resources that are helpful to develop your career and interpersonal skills.  Take this opportunity to upskill new learnings that you might be missing due to busy schedule before.  You can find different free online resources with certifications as well so this will help you supercharge your CV as well.

3. Have a Home Makeover

You know that household chore you’ve been putting off for months? Now might be the time to actually do it. Whether you’re renting or you own, we all have some improvements we’ve been planning to make the most out of our living space. It’s the perfect time to take on some of those jobs, whether that’s reorganizing your pantry, doing a spring clean of your closet, and gardening, organizing bookshelves or moving from bed around.

4. Cook Nourishing Food

It’s also the great time to take care of your health. Even if you can’t cook, you can take this time to learn great cooking skills. Many of us don’t take time for it out of our hectic days. So, why not start to try all incredible amazing looking and nourishing recipes that you can find in Google easily. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself enough. This time you should make sure you have better immunity to cope with any flu or virus.

5. Start Playing Some Mind Game

Conquer boredom by trying your hand at a bit of gaming. You can play different mind games that minimize your stress as well as boost your brain. That might be some puzzles, word game or other similar. Playing games is the best thing you can do to engage your bran in something other than Netflix for a change.

6. Start a Workout Challenge:

No going to the gym for a few weeks? No problem. You can start a free YouTube workout challenge to stay active at home. You can find many free workouts online in app store, YouTube or just Google it. So can keep yourself fit in this isolation. We’ll never get as much time for this as we have now!

7. Refresh your Mind:

There’s never been a better time to dive in than this. Use this opportunity to refresh your mind. Try out different Yoga’s that works for managing your stress and maintain inner peace. You can practice self-care, re-watch old TV shows, pick up a new hobby or many more.

Look at the opportunities in the crisis and understand how important self-isolation is and support each other doing so.

Study NSW and the Australian international education sector are working hard to support the health, well being, and academic success of international students. If you’re looking for some help, here are some helpful information for International Student Welfare Services Hub.

If you are a health worker and seeking for a job, we have opening in Aged care Industry, Click here for detail job Information.

Share your own ideas of productive things. We would love to hear from you!

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