About us

We are Australia’s no.1 dedicated employability portal for International Students and Recent Graduates. 

Student Job Australia provides employers an opportunity to connect with the right international students and graduates.

We believe in providing job opportunities for students and graduates so they can utilise the skills and knowledge they invested in to explore creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities and help the Australian economy 

Our aim is to ensure that employers can reach the right students, students that are creative, enthusiastic, experienced, educated and keen to utilise their skills and knowledge to progress businesses into the future - and they can start working right now!

Student job Australia also helps students to develop their professional communication skills in order to connect with Australian employers.

As an employer, you will be able to find educated, motivated and energetic staff quickly and easily who will add value to your organisation via Student Job Australia.

-- Our Mission and Vision --

1. To connect the Right Employers with the Right International Students
2. To minimise the loss of potential skills in Australia
3. Help employers to find skilled staff and fill skill shortages
4. To build a bridge between educational institutions and the real-world environment 
5. Help students to develop their professional communication skills to connect with Australian employers

--Our Current Projects--

1. Helping students and graduates to find professional jobs and internships while they are studying 
2. Helping students to develop their soft skills and portfolio to communicate with Australian employers 
3. Connecting businesses to fulfil their skills shortages by introducing talented students and graduates 
4. To organising regular networking events between employers, students and graduates
5. Building awareness and encourage local businesses to utilise skills from students and graduates 

If you have any questions about Student Job Australia, or would like to know more, please contact us.