Career Workshops

One Day Intensive Career Workshops

Program Objective:

This program has been designed to educate and encourage International Students and Graduates to search for a job the Australian way and walk confidently into a job interview in the Australian job market. Students will be equipped with tangible career tools and the skills and knowledge to confidently apply for a job in Australia.

Program Outline:

Program Structure:

Achievement of Objectives:

Learner Prerequisites:

Program Outcomes:

The overall objective of the learning program, enabling learners to develop and enhance their job-hunting strategies to look for a job confidently in the Australian job market, will be reached through encouraging and supporting learners to commit to:


All learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to update their resume to be their primary career marketing tool, supported by confidence in how to prepare for, behave and effectively answer questions during a future job interview.

 All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Completion from Student Job Australia.

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