How to Make a Perfect Elevator Pitch Video to Land a Job

Are you searching for a job?

You might have researched enough on interview dress-up tips, presentation and communication tips, Q/A tips and whatnot. That’s also the important thing to consider for landing your dream job, but the first task you should do is to craft an ideal “elevator pitch.” Yes, you heard it right!

You can summarize yourself in less than a minute video addressing who you are, what are your skills and why you’re the perfect candidate.

Sounds simple enough, right? But condensing all of your life accomplishments into a less than minute statement that packs a punch can feel a challenge for you.

So to help you craft a knockout elevator pitch, here are topmost steps you should consider:

Clarify your job target

First thing before applying for any job or making your career decision, you should be clear on what you want to pursue in your career.

How can you reach your destination until you know where you’re going?

So, when you begin putting your elevator pitch together, make enough effort to describe your field and type of job you want to pursue. Until you clearly explain the type of job you want to chase, nobody can help you find it and get you hired.

Put it on paper

Before starting anything you need to fully prepare on what you are speaking about. You should brainstorm on what points you will need to include and what things are not necessary for your pitch. Talking about your colleagues or any personal things does not make any sense. Also, your elevator pitch-video will be just less than a minute so you cannot include every detail in it. To ignore this all, the best thing you can do is write down everything about your skills, accomplishments and work experiences that are relevant to your job position. Keep editing it until you catch up with a refined piece of content.

Use a Simple Elevator Speech Template

A good pitch video should justify three major questions: Who are you? What do you do? What are you looking for?

Let’s see an example of how to begin a pitch: “Hi. I am Julian Lee. I am an Inbound Sales Marketer with 10 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and I’m looking for opportunities in the Adelaide area with both manufacturing and construction companies.”

That speech would take only about 15 seconds. Julian could then use 15 seconds to talk about his skills and experiences and remaining time to present his unique selling proposition or special skills that could make him stand out from our candidates.

Don’t use industry jargon

You are tailoring your pitch to them, not yourself right?

So, it’s important to remember that people listening to your speech should understand what you are speaking. You should make your pitch easy for everyone to understand focusing your message on their needs. You completely need to avoid acronyms and tech-speak that the average people or recruiters might not understand.

Speak out loud

You should be careful with your voice notes. You need to speak out loud so your voice is sound and clear in the pitch video. As speaking can’t be as formal and structural as writing, you have to take care while speaking your pitch. It should sound more conversational than an infomercial. Also, don’t forget to stress key highlights in your pitch.

Practice, practice, practice

Yes, rehearse your pitch until you are ready for your pitch.

The best way is to practice in front of a mirror or using a recording tool in your mobile or another device. This will let you see and hear your performance. Your elevator pitch video is going to be your first interaction with many recruiters so you should practice until you deliver your speech smoothly. When your presentation is polished, ask feedback from your friends and family.

Here you go!

You are all set for your pitch. Get your pitch right and soon you will find yourself riding an actual elevator at your new job.

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