Create an email script that works for job search

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A professional email address is one of the key element to get into the eyes of a recruiter. Before you draft an email, make sure you create a professional email account for job search purposes instead of using an informal email address such as A professional email should at least include your first name and if possible the last name.

Eg ,

Once you have a professional email ready follow the steps below:

  • Add a catchy subject line eg ‘Experienced/Qualified Chef seeks work
  • If you are sending to a list of companies, add your email address in the To section and copy all company email addresses to BCC so that others cannot see everyone’s email address.
  • If you are sending to an individual, one person only, make sure you indicate the person’s name if you know it otherwise ‘Dear Manager.’
  • Email to the same companies (your database/mailing list) every 3 weeks as some may not look at your email the first time you send it or the hiring manager may not need someone to work the 1st or 2nd time you send the email
  • The Body of the email should include your cover letter if it is not too long otherwise add just a few lines to the body of the email including key points eg and refer to the attached CV

Example Job Search Email

Dear Manager,

I am an experienced IT Technician seeking part-time work. I have 4 years of experience in network security and PC support. I am available 20 hours per week including weekends.

For more detailed info, please refer to my cover letter and resume attached.

I would be happy to meet with you to discuss. You can call me on 0402 123 456.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Tom Shelby

IT Technician

I hope this email script helps you land into your dream job in Australia. We have started this website Student Job Australia to connect the students and graduates with employers in Australia.

If you are a student or a recent graduate, keep posted to our website as we publish jobs of Students in Australia on regular basis. 

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