How to write a cover letter?

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A resume contains detailed information related to skills while a cover letter is an opportunity to express your emotions and connect to a hiring manager. By using a cover letter, you can connect with your hiring manager to convince and prove to them you have a genuine interest for the advertised position aiming for the hiring manager to be motivated to read through your CV and call you.

These are the following guidelines to prepare your cover letter;

  • Add your cover letter as the front page of your resume
  • Should be brief, 2-3 paragraphs max
  • Include the following:
  • date
  • your email address
  • name of the person you are writing to or ‘Dear Manager’ or person’s name
  • brief introduction
  • your top skills
  • experience
  • interview request
  • signature
  • Ensure your cover letter is free of errors, ask a strong English speaker to review it before you send to an employer – don’t expect an employer to hire you if you cannot demonstrate that you are capable of communicating well in English
  • See an example
  • You can find more resume and cover letter templates here
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