Job interview tips

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The job interview is a very important step for you as a candidate while you are going through the job-hunting process. The following tips will give you confidence when going through the job interview:

  • Dress professionally, maintain eye contact
  • Make sure you are on time – this means arrive to the appointment early, that is before the scheduled appointment time, never arrive late, this is Australia, people must be punctual
  • Be ready to greet the hiring manager by their name and shake their hand
  • Speak confidently and clearly
  • Make sure you have researched info about the company, and the job discretion before the interview
  • Make sure familiarize all the details you included in your resume.
  • Prepare some sample interview questions and answers
  • Prepare and research some appropriate questions to ask, which also demonstrates you have a genuine interest.
  • Send a follow-up thank you email after the interview
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