Top 5 Tips to Balance Your Study and Work at the Same Time

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Will I be able to balance my work and my studies at the same time? - This is the most frequent question that every student has at some point in his study.

Whether you are a student working to support your studies or undertaking a course to advance your skills, juggling study with work can seem overwhelming. 

Here are a few tips to assist you juggle with work and study making it a little stressful:


1. Be organized and manage your time

We all have gone through a situation where we had to organize our time to meet a deadline. But, it won't become our routine until we don't organize our time and do it continuously. 

To comply with this, you can keep your school materials organized so it makes easy for you to find them when you need. Also, you have to prioritize your daily tasks and learn to manage your time. Marking all your school and work deadlines clearly on your calendar will allow to do what is required to meet your deadlines.

This will be the very first step, to be aware of your time. Limit your leisure activities and spend your time wisely.


2. Create a flexible schedule:

Good planning helps you stay on top of everything. It is very important to build a flexible routine you can stick with as some parts of your schedule will not be flexible especially your workdays and class schedule. In such a case, you should, however, take leave, job sharing or flexible hours to study and complete assignments.

Always keep in mind that your studies come first. You always have to be ready to adapt new assignments, sudden work crisis and anticipate unexpected plans. However, you should set realistic goals forbidding you to feel frustrated and overwhelmed.


3. Prioritize and be realistic

Scheduling your tasks is a great way to figure out your priorities and the amount of time you need to get it done. This makes you understand what you can realistically handle but make sure you add more detail to your calendar and stick to it.  This way, you can decide your priorities and schedule your free time to socialize and relax.

Top Tip: You can add the color code to your schedule by having a different color for each task/commitment.


4. Communicate with Your Boss and Advisor

If you don't communicate, how could others know your things?

So, you can communicate your tight schedule with your employers, friends, and family. This way you can let others know where and when you will be available. You can communicate with your boss that you're taking college classes, he or she might be a bit more lenient with you. This might not be the case always but you can certainly try to give it a go!

Remember, not everyone you live with or work with comprehends the strains of being a student and the responsibilities of working while in school. Communicate and inform people around you when you are free to socialize and when you need to study.


5. Learn how to manage stress

Studying and working at the same time can be stressful.

There are many ways to manage stress but you have to figure out the best way that perfectly works for you. Get adequate sleep, Practice yoga, meditate, take regular breaks, eat well, work out, stretch and even take a walk. These activities will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay focused, centered and productive.

Remember to live your life to the fullest. Allow yourself to enjoy some of the best things life has to offer; otherwise, you may forget what you’re studying for.

To sum up, the moment you decide to work and study at the same time you will find out that time has a new meaning.

You will learn to plan and have greater control over your our time and have fun at the same time. Keep your goals and motives in mind and follow the tips above to balance work and study as best you can.

Good luck!

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