5 Simple Ways to Handle Stress at Work Place

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Stress! Part of everyday life!

Everyone in the job, at some point, feel the pressure at their workplace. Stress can be reduced but it's inevitable. Extra stress contributes to physical symptoms such as an increase in blood pressure, chest pain, trouble sleeping, anxiety, headache, stomach-ache, and weak immune system. The impact of stress defined by the way you handle what happens and how you react to it.

Being able to deal with pressure is a likable skill of an employee at an organisation. However, to find a job having less stress is impossible and difficult. Even though you enjoy what you do, every job has some stressful elements. Every job, in today’s fast-moving business world, comes with challenges and certain deadlines.

Here are five ways you can reduce stress at work and impress your supervisors and colleagues, by giving yourself a happy and healthy lifestyle.


1. Organize and Prioritize

Planning helps to stay organized and reduce stress. Being organized helps in completing the task on time, which leads to reducing stress. At the workplace, be prepared about, what’s the work that you ought to carry today before the day starts. Once we are organized, it is easy to recognize our priorities and can effectively tackle them. So, we must always have the plan on “How We Are Going to Perform the Assigned Task?” before we deliver the task. In the run, we can easily identify “What our PRIORITIES are?” which makes us know about what needs to be done first, second, third and so on. A bundle of tasks can be performed in smaller pieces and can make an impossible seem task possible.

Everyone get stress, but the way they handle them are different. To reduce your stress you must, have clear goals, prioritize against those goals, focus on 2-3 things, make a To-Do-List, set the deadline, and use your calendar. Always remember, that everything can never be the priority and not having To-Do-List leads to a bigger mess of work.


2. Have a break

Giving time for yourself is an important factor that most people often tend to forget these days. You can involve in meditation, exercise, going for a walk, watching movies, visiting places and doing what you love. Having a break gives us a time where you are not thinking about work. You can disconnect from your work and refresh yourself by turning your smartphone and focusing on non-work activities.


Stress does not come forever. Once you have the problems, you get the solution at some points. You can recover your stressed mind by taking a walk, going on vacation, sleeping, hanging out with friends Everyone has their once way.


3. Have a Support

We all have someone with whom we feel comfortable. Sharing what you have been going through with your friends and family can reduce almost half of your stress. Just imagine, if you can reduce almost half of your stress only be sharing what you feel to your trusted ones. 

“Why not trying to share it with them?”

Many organizations these days give stress management resources. They give their employer with Employee Assistance Program, counseling, and referral to a psychologist. It is not necessary that stress has to be handled by yourself, you can always reach out for help.


4. Get Enough Sleep

Not having enough sleep gives a negative effect on your mood at work and hamper the organized plan you have. Some of the tips on effective sleeping habits are; sleep for at least 7-8 hours at night, have a schedule to sleep and wake up at same time every day, don’t make an excuse of weekends to sleep for extra hours, turn off screens 1 hour before bed and take cat naps. Many research has shown that lack of sleep can affect your mental health.


5. Healthy Eating Habits

The craving of unhealthy food for temporary pleasure occurs due to the release of the hormone cortisol by the brain. “Stress Eating” makes you feel lethargic, which leads to less productivity at work and less chance of tackling the problems which bring bigger problems and stress. It is very important to eat healthy food that is rich in carbohydrates, wheat bread, vegetables, food high in fiber, dark chocolate, and food containing proteins. This strengthens the brain and gives proper concentration. Eating healthy helps to handle work pressure and manage stress effectively at work.

If I missed something important. Comment me below!



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