Speed Up Your Recruitment Process with Online Application Forms

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In this digital world, all look forward to making everything digital due to its popularity and convenience. Likewise, in the recruitment industry, digital or online application forms reflects greatly on the quick hiring process and finding the top talents. It reduces the documentation process, so the recruiter doesn't need to collect the documents, maintain the files and enter it. Online application forms can simply help the recruiter to download or save the information and handle them when necessary.

Here are some few points explaining how e-forms can maximize your productivity in hiring new talents:


Reduce Unnecessary Admin Work:

Gone are the days when job applicants need to fill hard forms, verify it and file all the reference documents and qualifications in a file. This had also stressed admin work in Recruiter Company to manage all the files and document them properly. Now, only because of the E- application form, it has replaced the need to register and monitor application forms of new candidates. 

E-forms are fillable and even applicants can attach necessary documents (ID information, CVs and references) in the form digitally. You can integrate the form on the website career page so you get notified in your email each time. 


Give Candidates a Better Experience:

Online forms are also highly accessible to applicants as it is available anytime and on any device. This allows applicants to fill the application form at any time that suits them. Mostly, these forms are hassle-free as there will be no need to download, print and post them. The next best part of the online form is, there will be guided through the form. So if you make any mistakes or misses any information, red mark highlights before the submission with clear guidelines.


It is Professional

You put your best effort to brand your company. Branding is important for any recruitment agency while promoting their services or placing job ads. Online application forms can help the company to reflect its brand using logos, brand color, theme, and others. You can match online form with your brand copy with different graphics for a great impression of your company. The online form is eco-friendly, it does not waste paper, so your applicants can be more environmentally diligent. 


Improve Relationship:

Another point to note when it comes to the hiring process is communication. You need to communicate to applicants for their application status, interview dates, document submission and many more. Through online forms, you can notify them of their status, a reminder to upload any missing document or even schedule a time for the interview. Instead, you can foster strong relationships discussing their prospects, career goals and expectations. This way you can improve your relationship and save your time at the same time. 

A recruiter can easily apply online forms in their hiring process for greater efficiency and satisfaction.

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