Things you should consider why applying for Student Visas in Australia

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When you’re applying for a visa to study in Australia, not only should you familiarize yourself with the visa application process, but you should also be aware of some common things that can boost your visa application process. That way, you can increase your chances to get success in visa application and start your new journey in Australia.

1. Your Academic Qualification

You should be qualified academically as required for your chosen course and education level. So, firstly, you can search for courses and universities on the internet, this will make you clear what academic qualifications you need to meet the requirements of your chosen course and university. The requirements of academic qualifications vary from one educational institution to another. So, make you have read all the course information carefully before applying for the student visa.

2. Meet English Requirement

For any international students who want to pursue their further education in Australia, they have to meet the English Language requirements to get their student visa approved. As Australia is an English-speaking country, students should include their English proficiency test results(IELTS or an equivalent test) alongside their visa application. This requirement is meant for international students coming from non-English speaking countries. Make sure you check your English requirements on the Department of Home Affairs and your educational institute website while choosing your courses of study. 

3. Satisfactory Financial Evidence

As per the Australian Government, Department of Home Affairs, anyone applying for a student visa should be able to finance his/her studies in Australia. Your visa application might be rejected because of your inability to provide evidence of the claims that you have made in your financial documents. You need to demonstrate your financial stability by providing a bank statement or educational loan documents. The bank documents must indicate the Availability of sufficient funds to pay the tuition fee for the first year, Cost of living in Australia for a year and Cost of your Overseas Student Health Cover.

4. Meet Health Requirements

To check whether you meet the health requirements or not, few medical examinations and x-rays will be conducted by the specified panel of doctors.

Generally, Department of Home Affairs asks you to get tested for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS before your visas are issued. You need to pay the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for yourself and  family members traveling with you to be covered for health insurance in Australia. You must also provide evidence of medical insurance covering the whole period of your proposed stay in Australia.

5. Interview 

While appearing in an interview, students should answer the questions honestly and be able to produce satisfactory answers for the reasons for study in Australia. It is essential to answer all the questions honestly and accurately meeting the requirements during the interview.

6. Providing Right Information

Visa officers expect you to provide correct and exact information on yours and your family’s income and savings that you would utilize to bear your overall expenses. You should mention the exact amount of course fees and living expenses along with the exact amount of your income and savings. If you plan to take an educational loan, you would need to mention the exact amount of the loan you would take. The next step would be to discuss how you plan to return the same. If the loan were to be taken against your property, you would need to discuss the value of property in figures. If you provide false income or savings, your visa has a huge chance of being rejected.

7. Professional Guidance

One of the best ways to avoid such a problem is to speak and get support from qualified professionals. Professional guidance is essential to assure there is no error in your process to enhance your chance of getting the visa.

All that being said if you want to study in Australia, you can take professional guidance and assistance from IMMI Australia. Our team of expert consultants will provide you with the right assistance to avoid all the reasons that can lead to your visa refusal.


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