Video Interview Guide: Tips for a Successful Interview

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 Video interviews are becoming more and more popular in hiring process. More and more, recruiters are conducting interviews over video chat. It's a very efficient and cost-saving way for recruiters to meet candidates, and the most convenient way to attend interviews. You can treat it as same as face to face interview but you should make sure you have prepared well before you attend a video interview.

Here are few things you must ensure to prepare for a video interview:


Research the company:

First thing in any interview, you should make sure you research about the company very well. You should have all needy information regarding the company's mission, objective and job descriptions before you visit recruiter for the first time. It is the best way to learn about what the company does and what they require for the vacant position. You will also be well prepared for any questions on positions and company. This also creates good first impression.


Check the wifi and service beforehand

Make sure you have everything set up including your internet connection, webcam, audio and software you are going to chat on. You definitely don't want last-minute surprises. If you are new to the software, you can download it one day prior and test with your friends or see tutorials to use them. Remember that you should look directly into the camera thus the camera should be at eye level.


 Dress Professionally

You should try every single thing to impress your interviewer and your appearance can be the most important thing. So, choose your clothes carefully. Just dress professionally as you are in a face-to-face interview. It also depends on the position you are applying for. You are expected to wear a nice t-shirt and jeans for joining a startup company whereas business casual for the bank. Dressing in right manner will help you get in the right mindset for the interview. Yes and don't forget your hair.


Be aware of your body language

Even though it’s the video interview, recruiter is noticing your each moves and studying your body language. So, you should ensure that you make enough eye contact with the interviewer and always smile whenever you feel uncomfortable. Also, make sure you do not interrupt them while speaking. Speak clearly and concisely and keep in mind that there may be a slight delay in conversation between you and interviewer.


Prep your surroundings

You might only consider your appearance in the video but people on the other side will also notice your surroundings as well. So make sure your background isn't distracting. Try to make your surrounding look neat and professional without any visual and noise distractions. If you are having trouble with this, you can book a private study room in your school's library for interview.

We hope you find it helpful!

Following these tips, you can feel more confident and impressive and get the ball at your court.


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