5 Digital Skills that add Value to your Resume

Monday, September 2, 2019

Do you have all the digital skills that add value to your resume?

In this fast-growing technological era, digital skills have been a basic requirement for job seekers. Employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate digital skills to their resume. This trend has made it compulsory that every candidate should possess some sort of digital skills to best fill the vacant position.

Here is a list of 5 digital skills to highlight in your CV in 2019 for adding value to your resume and assure you are best suited for the job:


1. Social Media Management

Social media has been the growing platform to promote any businesses and connect. As the internet has made everyone easy to communicate, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on are making it very easy for everyone to connect. Knowledge of a wide range of social media platforms is a valuable addition to your resume. As companies are constantly using social media to engage with their customers and promote their brand, the good skill of it can help you stand out and get a job.


2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO):

Search Engine Optimization helps any businesses to rank higher and increase traffic in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bling, e.t.c. All companies want to rank higher than their competitors and always try to increase web traffic. In this case, it has created a necessity to develop SEO skills for all employees. Companies might hire SEO experts to optimize their web content but still, you should have the basic knowledge of SEO and how it works. You should understand terminologies like Google Analytics, Google Ad words, keyword research, Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), link building, and others.


3. Graphic Design

As people notice visuals rather than text. Companies always try to visualize their promotional campaigns to get their content noticed. Being able to understand how designs are made and how to present ideas in visual designs can help you engage customers or clients. A basic skill of design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign can make your CV more attractive and appealing.


4. Email Marketing

Another great skill to have is knowledge of Email Marketing. Companies take advantage of email marketing campaigns to communicate with potential customers and engage with them. You should have the ability to attract your customers through your writing. With the growing trend of email marketing, employees should be able to reach their potential customers ensuring high open and response rates.


5. Analytics:

Analysis of the collected information is a desirable skill in any job. You have to collect huge amounts of information and analyze them for creating various campaigns and measuring the performance. All your efforts on collecting valuable data are useless if you can’t analyze it properly. Demonstrate your aptitude to analyze various data and information, and you will certainly be a valuable asset for the company.


If you want to be the best for any position, you should first learn these digital skills to add more value to your performance. 


Comment below if I missed any important skills.