6 Things You Must Do After A Job Interview

Monday, August 19, 2019

You have put all your efforts at the best level to beat yourself to the interview desk. But it is not good enough to maximize your chances to get a job. Even if your interview went well, you shouldn't just sit and wait for the recruiter to call you back. You have to be proactive and prepare for some possible outcomes and what happens after your job interview is equally important.

Here are a few suggestions you should do after every job interview that could help land your dream job.


1. Send Thank You Note

If you want to make a big impact on your interviewer, just simply send them a thank you note within 24 hours after your interview. It can be an SMS message, email or handwritten note. This can leave an enduring impression. The best way is to make it more personalized and expressing your gratitude to stay at the top of the employer's mind. You can also remind the interviewer a few takeaways from your interview and highlight why you're the right person for the job.


2. Follow-up with the Hiring Manager

Follow up does not mean irritating so one should be very conscious while communicating with the hiring manager. You can address some additional information that increases the chance of getting the job. You can show your enthusiasm and interest in the role and also express your gratitude for the opportunity.


3. Interview Assessment

Every interview teaches you some lesson, apart from getting a job, you must be able to learn something from it. The best way is to list down the key points that influence you or the new thing you have just learned.  You can rate your own performance and check where you can improve on. This will help you to do better next time. But, remember to do it just after your interview when it is fresh in your mind.


4. Keep up the Search

Sometimes even if your interview went well, you might not get good news. So, instead of making false hopes, you can keep your options open. There might be high chances to get a bigger opportunity than the previous one. Having some alternative in your side will also help you feel confident to negotiate with your hiring manager. Also, you should be thoughtful enough to choose the best job that suits you. 


5. Connect with your Interviewer Online

Whether you will be able to secure your job or not, it's a good idea to maintain good relation with your interviewer. You can connect them via LinkedIn or other Social Medias to create a long-term relationship. You can communicate with them with thank you notes and even express your interest in the current job opening. These connections might not lead to fill the current position but it might pop up later and they might want to connect with you.


6. Get in Touch with your References

Every interviewer search for different ways to justify their choice and one of these ways is to talk with your references. In this case, it's always a good idea to let your references know that they might be getting a phone call or email, or just make sure you inform them that their contact is in your references list. So, you can also request your references to stress in your strong points in the recommendation.

Following these top tips after your job interview will surely help turn your potential stress into a positive attitude. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!