Student Employability Seminar

Supporting international students and graduates to utilise their skills for business innovation

The Employability Seminar focuses on four main perspectives to influence connecting talented international students and skilled graduates with the hiring sector. It also focuses on utilising students’ skills for business innovation.

The employbility panel aims at amalgamating perspectives from Peak Bodies across Australia responsible for influencing international student hiring practices, study clusters that witness a large influx of talented international students and graduates, Directors from multinational companies, small businesses and finally, international student representativeses themselves.

The recent Employability Seminar was hosted by Student Job Australia and Council of International Students Australia (CISA), the student employability seminar connected businesses with the talented students and skilled graduates that bring the innovation and skills to drive growth. The panel represented international student peak bodies, company directors, small businesses and international students ready to share their own experiences as part of NSW Government Small Business Month.