Tips on how International Students can make Aussie Friends

Coming to Australia can be an emotional roller coaster. It can be difficult to get outside of your comfort zone and talk with your fellow students and make new friends. Usually, your university will offer lots of resources to help you feel like home. At the same time, you must be proactive in making an effort to socialize and connect with Aussie friends. Here are a few tips on how you can build friendships that will last a lifetime:

Join a club

Most universities offer a variety of clubs and student organizations to get involved with and hang out with fellow students and get to know them. This can be a great way to step outside your comfort zone and join a club to socialize and entertain yourself. Try something different like ultimate Frisbee, film-making, running, cooking or astronomy. This can be the best way to discover your secret passion for something you’ve never tried.

Attend Events

Universities sponsor many events throughout the semesters such as dances, game nights, movie nights, fresher party and more. These events are fairly common in most schools and you will need someone beside you as a friend. Such events can further help you to boost friendships with your Aussie friends and give you a chance to meet new people in a structured way.

Take an Interest in Australian Culture

Coming to Australia means experiencing a new culture and being a part of the melting pot of diversity. Your Aussie friend can help you to learn about Australian culture, foods, music, lifestyle, movies, TV shows, and sports. Making an Aussie friend will help you to be a part of numerous cultural events and share knowledge about your culture with students across campus.

Talk with Classmates

The time, while you will be waiting for the professor to start their lecture, can be the most favorable time to talk with the people around you. All your classmates will be likely to talk and make friends as you all will be in the same roller-coaster. This will help you make the classroom environment more enjoyable.

Start a Study Group        

Starting a study group can be the best way to make with people around your class. This will not only help you build a strong bond with your friends but it’s beneficial to study together to get a wider perspective on what you’re learning.

Don’t Ask Rude Questions

Even if someone is close to you, you should be very careful with your words. Asking about someone’s age, weight, salary and other personal stuff might disturb them. It might seem normal and inoffensive to some people but you should avoid these questions especially when you are talking someone for the first time.

Making new friends is never easy but if you put in the effort, are polite and respectful, and then you should have no problem making new friends in Australia.

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